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Sky On Fire

The end of the world couldn’t have come at a worse time for Dante.

He was finally about to graduate high school, escape the misery that was his home life, and take off to travel the world with his awesome girlfriend, Kamiko.

Solar flares and turning into a mutant put an end to all that.

Typical of his luck, he’d gotten a non-standard mutation, meaning he’d never be accepted into the Big Four clans – who were banding together to stave off impending doom. What’s more, he’s sole carer for his human mother, and she hates mutants. At least he still has the newly-mutated Kamiko by his side.

But she wants to migrate north with other ‘reject’ mutants, and Dante can’t blame her. Every day they stay put is a day their lives are at risk- from gangs, normies, and even the government. Not mention the whole ‘dying from thirst and starvation thing’.

And there’s Bev, his narcissistic, abusive mother. She’s an awful parent, but she’s also the only family he’s ever known. And despite everything she’s put him through, she’s never abandoned him. Could he really abandon her?


‘Sky On Fire’ is a contemporary fantasy, coming-of-age novel set in near-future Australia. Filled with questions with no easy answers, and an antagonist reviewers love to hate, ‘Sky On Fire’ brings deep humanity to a story about mutants. [Contains swearing].

Sky On Fire Jesse Greyson 2019
The Science Of Getting Rich Jesse Greyson

Non-fiction, Spirituality

The Science Of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich is one of the all-time classic self-help books. Today, it has been read by thousands of people all over the world and is often referred to as one of the best books ever written on wealth creation.

This version has been edited to use gender neutral terms instead of the masculine (which was the default for the time when this book was written.)

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