Epic High fantasy

The ShadowStar

Welcome To The ShadowStar Lands

The Void is hellbent on destroying the universe and everything in it – including itself. It wants a return to the Before and the perfect bliss of Non-Existence. But in able to do that it first needs to destroy all of creation.

So begins a cosmic game of cat and mouse in the lokamaya, as the forces of Creation and Destruction vie for supremacy. If evil gains sway on a world, its sun develops a dark blight, known as the shyama. If the shyama is allowed to spread unchecked the sun will become a full ShadowStar, destroying itself and everything around it. Chalk that up as a victory to the Void.



Aamirah is unique amongst all the endless worlds. For not only did Inxendiar, one of the god-like tejomaya spend many eons there, imbuing the realms with her Divine powers until it was a land more marvelous and majestic than any other. She also fell there, the first of all her kind to lose possession of the Sacred Flame that Ayda entrusted to the 108 tejomaya at the very beginning of Time.

Inxendiar’s fall and the subsequent disappearance of the Flame heralds the beginning of dark and turbulent Ages on Aamirah, as magic wanes, dragons and samira disappear, and creatures of the Void known as raudra set themselves up as Dark Lords, striving to possess the world and everything in it for their own cruel purposes.

When the shyama appears on Aamirah’s sun, the Wise know that the world is running out of time. The Council Of The Long Watch has been summoned, and its caladiën have been tasked with two things: Find and return dragons and samira to the skies in order to stem the ebb of magic, and locate the vanished Sacred Flame before it falls into the wrong hands.

Can magic be restored and the long-lost Flame be found before Aamirah’s sun becomes a full shadow star?

The final battle awaits.

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